Thursday, March 19, 2009

Independent Film

Just got back from KL (Time of returned was midnight). Actually supposed to stay back at work to do extra time, I'll be doing OT from Teusday - Wednesday till end of hopefully can be claimed by boss since he ain't thinking about paying us extra hours for our sacrifice.

But that's not the main topic, the main topic is about this independent short film that I just went to watch and it's a preview. The name of the short film is called 'Baby the rain will fall'. The story is about a girl who has a phobia to water and she's being label as a'freak' among the normal people even though she too look as normal as them. She doesn't have alot of friend except for her close guy friend who's been with her since....well, i think since the starting of college. Basically it's a love story that a guy is in love with this girl who has this strange symptom and tries to help her overcome it.

So, comment would be : The camera angle, the music, the well used of graphic composition and location wise is very good...the acting too. The story still not there and not logic enough to tell about her phobia, it's not obvious. At first for me I thought she's afraid of the sunlight because she stays in a dark bedroom and she goes out at night. During daylight she'll wear this hat that can shade her body (I dun really know what type of hat u call for those >D)

The film was premiered at a bar which is not that big near Raja Chulan, quite packed....most of them are from the creative industry, like me! The film was done by a small group of production team and it's still progressing in producing more short films because this people believe that the film industry in Malaysia still can grow and be better. So me and few of my colleagues who came along leave our names and contact number to some of the projects their doing, hopefully maybe we get it. This kind of opportunity is really hard to come by. Incase my main job doesn't do well , this can be my backup plan.

I missed the KTM train to subang though, so I took the Putra LRT with one of my colleague to Kelana Jaya and he drop me back at my apartment. Last train for KTM was 11pm!! What the hell lar. Sigh.... but the experience was interesting. Hopefully there's something for me in the film industry.

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