Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quick Summary for the month of February

Well...February certainly is an interesting month for me, here are the list of why it is so :

- 2nd February was my Birthday Celebration, had dinner at Friday's with my parents...not too bad, my sister ask them to sing a song to me. Total ambush to say...but it was interesting.

- oh, no internet at my office... dum dum DUMMMMM~!!!!!! Only 2 computers can use internet.
- Got an increement for my performance, not that much but will do I guess.
- Did nothing on Valentine's Day
- My long time good friend Eddy hooked me up with his cousin after Valentines Day, well.... not that interesting night to say. So I made it more interesting by going out yum cha with my crazy small eye friend, Ee Min!!.
- had normal days at work
- got my U Mobile number for FREE~!! Damn right
- Dad gave me his iPhone....DAMN~ RIGHT~!!! >D
- Been conversing with new ppl.
- Found 2 songs that interest me alot to hear many times : Namida no Mukou (Gundam 00 s2 new soundtrack) and Deeper Conversation by Yuna (local malay artist, she can sing goood~)
- Completed my dreadful, illogical, time dragging, ridiculous assignment at work and now I'm going back to modelling~! And animate it after that. (oh, I'm mostly too animation)
- Been playing Dead Space, super cool's not that scary la~
- Saw quite alot of beautiful babes this month.

I can say that it was okay okay la~ the month. The Bull sure making it interesting. GO OX! muh year!! Mooooo~!!! >0

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