Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stupid Things are Everywhere!

It's been so annoying lately in this year, I expected this year to be a better year but things just get more and more 'stupid!'. Why did I say so? Man...there's a lot of them. One of them is from my work, some of the cutscenes that I'm doing doesn't make sense as to why I'm even doing it!! When you play a game, you like to beat up the boss as to how you fight, right? But what if you're just sitting there and let the game itself do it for you? All you have to do is to press the button at the right time and u can just relax while watching some of the cool shots. Oh, another one. Who loves Tonyhawk or SSX3 snowboarding game? U would love to control the snowboarding urself right? But what if it's the same as how you fight with the boss? The whole track u don't control, just press left or right at the right time. FUCK! I might as well make a movie out of this damn project! It's stupid! I wasted 1 month on a stupid snowboarding gameplay! I suggested that the game handle the snowboarding while I do the special scenes in that game. This is every junction!! Freakin stupid! Boss fight is not even u fighting! It's that stupid!

Another is that my boss, I've been working my ass off to do his stupid idea of a gameplay , struggling in fact....what does he tell to the Project Manager instead to me? My progress is very slow. FUCKING HELL! I've been drawing every inch of my will and effort to do his stupid 2 scenes (1st with 2 storyboards, the other is a gameplay where the level is freakin huge) and making alot of people happy and he even likes the scenes...and he says my progress is fucking slow!? What the Fuck! The reason is because I watch video clips and some downloaded movies. I've been working for almost 2 years and he still doesn't know how I do my animation. Movies and video clip that I watch helps me in my Animation and it keeps me focus, not distracted! I finish all of the work that I've done by the deadline but it's not my fault that they want to add stuff to it because they think 'It looks damn cool man, it's very simple~' No it's not! Fucking Stupid!We're not experience 3d Artist of 20years. Other than that, me watching the movie is distracting the rest? (even though I have my headphone on)..... it's not my problem lar if they see what I do. That's what u get when u put me at a spot where I have no freakin privacy at all! Everytime they will pass by and see what I'm doing!! It's annoying!They would ask me while I'm doing my work and ask what am I watching. I'm lazy to reply cuz my focus just got severed just like that!

What else....oh, American channels are getting more stupid than ever! The writers are getting suckier and more movies lately are so crappy! Like Dragonball Evolution! The Legend of Chun Li! Welll...except for Watchmen lar, that one did a great job. But my god!Why!? Dragonball is so freaking crap!! WHY!? My all time favourite anime in the past is destroyed by their stupid wild imagination out of the box converted movie style!! Street Fighter movie too! Vega is a brunette!? Balrog shoots bazooka!? Bison wears a tux??? Charlie looks like he's gonna loose his hair in a few years time!??? WTF!?

WWE channel series, my favourite tv series...the stories is getting more stupid than ever!? WT hell....they like wives and parents get kicked at the head and paralyze and bleeding!? They like innocent suffer? What is going on!? This is more brutal than the old days! Have the Americans become more barbaric and heartless as ever! Everytime I see a helpless wife get holded by a wrestler and he's about to execute his deadly move...I just simply off the TV and hit the lights. It's not interesting anymore and it's not as fun during The Rocky era. More people like to watch bad people inflict pain and taunt at them . This is just stupid! The makes of WWE seems to be enjoying this alot!

There's alot more things going on which doesn't make sense and not making me smile at all. I'm fucking tired because I've been doing OT and I'm just gonna sleep and hopefully my stressness dicipated by the next morning.


Jen ® said...

chill, best things come when we least expect. now it's just the 1st quarter of 2009. hope things will get better for you =)

Darren C. Edward said...

Yea, you just ahve to take it easy, and situations will fall into place...

Of course , if you still feel like shit about it, there's always that new comdey playing in the cinemas right now, oh what's it called....Dragonball