Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Boy who Entered in to Another Realm.

Somewhere deep within our sleep, our vast sub-concious mind somehow able to transport our dream in to a mysterious unknown realm of un explored places. A place that we never have it in our mind at all, somewhere we don't even know or have not seen before. A realm where we begin to explore new things, something out of an ordinary from our real world.Is this another realm where we can only see in our dreams? Is there such thing exist?

A boy sleeping silently on his bed , somehow.....his dreams is unpleasent. Darkness in his dreams haunts him, unknown to what sin he has done so bad to deserve this frightful dream. He felt like he was being chase by something horrible, he was running in an abandon street which ends up in a deep and dark forest. Not bothered by the problem,he ran in to the forest. THe screaming and wailing of many creatures echoed through out the Dark forest which is giving him the chills that everything is haunting him now. He then suddenly felt like something is pulling him away , he thought it could be whatever it is that chase him has caught up to him.The boy tried to reach out to a small light calling to his mother, his father... his siblings, his friends and his one and only Lenore, the person he cared the most who he never got the chance to express his love at all. They could not hear him,they could not hear his calling.... his voice is not powerful enough to reach out to them. He was pulled harder and faster into the darkness.

From the darkness, he pop out and crash into a garden so colorful that it seems out of the ordinary. Trying to shake off from the intense ride, and figuring out the strange event that had occured.He look behind him at the direction he was pulled from , and all he could see is a vast scenery of a beatiful shore, he is on a garden by a cliff. Looking down which what it seems to be a land unknown to him. Nothing he has ever seen before. Trees were taller with many different color leaves, fruits that look so riped. Stones and rock which are so smooth that not even a single jagged edges or cracks were on it. River flowing with color reflections, clouds so golden that it seems like the richest of all things are in the sky. the lands are reflected by it's color but ofcourse it does look like it's a green plain land. There are a few settlements build on this land, some are side by side, some are single, some are build by the cliff or in a mountains, some are even in the sky supported by long stretch pillars of stones.

The boy began to explore the place, walking towards the settlements....still keeping an eye on his surrounding and staying alert, just incase something would pull him out again. As he approach the settlements, he could not believe in his eyes that some of the design of the buildings is so different and more unique than the real buildings from where he came. They are identical to each other, But he could recognized a building which looks like his house! But there are some slightly abit different part on that house because of it's surroundings. He approach the civilian , they look no different from a human, in fact...they are human. Dressing is not even out dated, they are like the same trend as his. This is all just too puzzeling to him.

He continue on in his exploration, he wave and greet each person he sees. As he approach his somewhat of his house, he is being greeted by a very soft and cheerful voice inside the house, somehow...the girl sounded really familiar to him. The grilled door open and came out a girl, she's about 4'9 with a really slim work out body , she wore a light blue small t-shirt with a really short pants...She has long slight wavy brunnete hair and a slightly tan skin.Her eyes, are like emeralds, she has lips pinkish enough which doesn't require and lip sticks on it, the beauty of her face that somehow could brighten up your day at any time with those beautiful gorgeous smile of hers. She ran towards me , greeting me by hopping last minute from her run.... with the most cheerful voice ever. He paused for the moment , and look at her. "Wait a minute!" He touch her face and clear out her frindge that's blocking some part of her face. He touch her soft cheek and ask in curiosity..... "Lenore!?Why are you here?"

She replied "What do you mean, I'm always here. Stop goofing around, your parents are waiting for you." She grabs him by his hand which it was on her cheek and began to pull her in to the house , she behaves like a cute 4 year old girl. Somehow, it felt like they've been together forever. But then another strange thought came to him " Wait, hold parents??"Inside the house, in the hall.... his mom and his dad were relaxing on a couch watching televisyen. The mom got up and greeted him by hugging him " Welcome home, you're at home now" He could not believe in his eyes... it's really actually his mother, then came a pad on shoulder by his dad who smiled happily . The boy began to shed in tears..... running away from whatever that was chasing him, pulled in to this place so strange and somehow able to find his parents and also the love of his life here. He hug them tightly , Lenore join in and hugs him from behind. From his fear of death came with a surprising unexpected transfer to a new place where he found happiness in his life.

But how his reality is like, we wouldn't know....but he do know that, his dream is better than his reality.

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