Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine's Day

14th of February 2008, my Valentine's day is something special to me because it's the last time I ever get to be with Cindy Teh, who is my batch mate from my college.Cindy Teh will be leaving to Auckland University for futrther studies and also get a job there, apply for a pr in New Zealand.So Tonight, we had our Valentine's day and also a farewell dinner.... but only a short one because she has to help out on the sales at her work place.

I only know her during my college days, in my 1st and 2nd year I only see her around in college because to me she was one of the pretty ones that I've noticed,summore same batch as me . 1st year I was in cd42 and she was in cd43... then in 2nd year we sometimes be in a same class for 1 subject. So back then I don't really know her that well until came 2nd year 3rd term when my group wanted to find ppl to audition for our short film in our Storyboard project . So Cindy and Huey Ting was one of the girls to audition for the role, and from then on is when I got to know her well ( She wasn't in the short film because she had a tight schedule with her subjects).

I got to know her very well in 3rd year, and after that ...we all have been working after we graduate. So it's been like almost 8 months that we've not seen each other.It was great, I'll miss her as a good friend. We met at Bangsar Village II and had our dinner and Marco's Pizza...before we meet at the place, I had to quickly find and buy flowers for her because it's Valentine's Day. Run everywhere outside the complex and finally bought it for her.Now , after I've not seen her for a long time...she looks really great, she is thinner than last time! I think as thin as Regine Tan. One thing great about her is her smile and laughter, it just really brightens up your day. And she is always calm in any situation , optimistic and positive.

I'm gonna miss you dearly, Cindy Teh Syok Leh (I hope it's correct spelling >.< ) , I'll always remember the laughing queen in you.LoL, I'll keep in touch with u while you're in Auckland and please be safe and do your best over there =).

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