Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I've Level up!

I've level up to level 22! This is in-game terms meaning that I've just turned 22....4 days ago. Ahahaha....yes, I'm an old man~ , an uncle , big bro and etc etc. This 22nd year of mine is gonna be an interesting role. Not too sure what's gonna happen , but I do know that alot of ppl are leaving this year...even some who are so dear to me. But I'm gonna do alot of things this year, achieve alot of goal, changing things around, meeting new people, be more of an adult, more booze(liquor ofcourse) , praying & commit more to God ( gonna try my best!), and do things I've never done before!

This is gonna be fun playing in Level 22, alot of challenges I'll overcome for sure and meeting new npc (people) and taking down anything that goes againts my goal(but ofcourse, in a peaceful matter).

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