Thursday, February 28, 2008

My 2nd Sister, Sandra Tai

On Wednesday , February 27 I woke up from my bed,I gave my mind the time to think for the moment that from that day onward, everything is gonna be different. Why will it be different? Well, a member in my family is leaving Malaysia to begin a new life in Los Angelas ,USA. Her name is Sandra Tai, my 2nd sister in the family... short, playful, smart,funny,the big bully and laughs really weird compared to all of us. I just realize that life at home won't be as lively as before, no more weird laughter, no more funny acts, no more watching TV as a complete family,no more patting my dog at the same till it enjoys it so much, no more taking turns to feed the dog... and etc.

My 2nd sister has always been around to help me out, giving me advices , sharing stuff , watch some of the anime, laughing together at some comedy or silly shows, do stupid stuff, disturb each other and all other things that siblings would do. Moving on would be difficult, but I look at the bright side of things. She'll be visiting every year and I'll sometimes visit her also. Maybe one day I might think of migrating in to US in the future, that is why I'm doing my best to save up money, building up my portfolio and try to get a job in a game company over there, hopefully there is one in LA. I'll be going to San Francisco end of this year with my eldest sis and her friend. From there we can take a flight to LA to visit her :D!

I'm really gonna miss her alot, she has been a big part of my life as my big sister (even though she's shorter than me, hehehe) . I'm sure she'll have a good life over there .Come to think of it, I'm gonna have an American nephews and nieces,WAHAHA....I have a relative in America!!!Anyway, I wish her all the best and may God always protect her and keep her safe . Good luck sis!! I'll see you again! =)

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