Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A freakin nail to me BRAIN!

Arghhh, being a 3D level builder in a game development company is not easy at all! The concept actually is very simple for that job position, just build up the damn level based from the concept art given by the concept artist and hand it to the lighting artist. It may sound simple and easy for any 3d artist around , but it's very different when dealing with technical stuff based on the engine. Compared to character modelling & animation, Level designing is even harder! Dammit, so many technical issues that need to be aware of! It's such a freakin headache to keep an eye out for any of those buggers when building stuff.

Imagine this, I still have to fix things in my 1st level! Been handling it for 2months + till now!Sometimes some of the problems are new problems which resurface because of lighting applied or maybe something else in Game Engine. Argh...I've never had this much stress last time when I was handling 3d characters.

I thinkk for the next game, I'm better off being in the character design team.Being there is less stressful than my current position, plus something I'm good at doing which keeps me going on.....Animating.

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