Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm so thankful for God's mercy! +D

Why am I so thankful for his mercy upon me? Because....

Last Sunday, I lost my Wow account/Got banned from the Admin for exploiting my account from other user who is not allowed to use my account. To cut the story small, my Wow account got hacked! I don't have alot of gold in my character, why the heck would they want to hack me? geez....

Anyway, it took me a few days to get their form, fill it in... send it to my sister who is in Glendale,CA in America to mail it for me to blizzard.I send an email to them saying that my password could have been exploited by Adobe flash player which leaks password information.( to all viewers, please update your Adobe Flash Player for safety precaution)

So what did I do while I wait till miracle to arrive? I play Warhammer40,000 Soulstorm, at home I play GTA IV in my xbox , I play Team Fortress 2 in my pc ( Ahhh.... you know la, can't live without games).

Finally!! Today! I got an email from Blizzard that my account is restored!! I change my password and now I can play!


Nyuk nyuk nyuk >D

*quack quack*


Thank you ,GOd!!

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