Friday, October 17, 2008

I like to Move it! Move it!!!

Johnny is gonna try his best to get the tickets to watch the premiere of............*drum rolls*

here's the banner!
Just incase you couldn't read the black words on the banner:
tickets collection from the NUffnang booth starts at 7.30pm
and will close at 8.15pm. There will also be
security check
to prevent any form of electronic devices
being brought into
the hall. THere will be a counter for
you to deposit your devices
which you
can claim after the screening.

Ohhh yeahh~!! I like to move it!! Move it!!

So Cindy/Miss Jade Z is giving away 30 tickets(15 pairs) ,2 tickets for each who gets it. So which means u can bring a friend along to watch Madagascar 2 and get to watch it with her! She's the 1st Malaysian Dreamgirl lehh, worth it man!

Oh by the way...I'll be getting AN extra ticket, if lar. SO if anyone wants to tag along just sms me before I con someone and sell it to them for RM11 .... >) heheheh.

here's the link to her blog! click on the pic :

Pretty you know why she's the 1st Malaysian Dreamgirl, all the more reason you should watch Madagascar 2 Escape 2 Africa with her. If the pic doesn't work, try this

Now,all I need to do is to blog about this particular question : what ANIMAL would you love your boyfriend OR girlfriend to be, in BED.

Oh, sounds kinky.This is that they pretend to be ,right? I'm single but I can just imagine that I have one la, kay?All the best!

I would want my girlfriend to be a pussyca... I mean a Cat, small cat.Yeah...that's right, a SMALL Cat. Now why out of all in the animal kingdom would I choose a small cat? Because they are cute, very manja(always use body to stroke), gullible(but surely my gf is not la) & fierce (meow~). If my girlfriend can be like that, I'll keep her forever lehh (have to make sure her nails not long, can be fierce...but not too fierce). Comfortable lehh to sleep with a girl who pretends to be a cat, alot of excitement....the Kingdom Come!*from Madagascar song* I like to Move it! Move it!!

OMG!What the hell are you doing there??


Suz said...

wah.. a cat for you??

johnny tai said...

yeah...I'm not a dog, I like cats -_- (although I do like dogs very much)

jadezheng said...

a SMALL cat?! hahaha... cute choice. very gamey. got potential. lolz~

just came to let u know i wanna pick YOU!!! email me your email at

thank yiuu! hope to see u soon!! ^^

johnny tai said...

Woo hoo!! Move it!!