Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Keep ur head in the Game!

Argh... our project is getting more messed up , alot of changes are still going on! The new gameplay is no fun anymore and the story is complicating, not to mentioned that we don't even know what's our dateline and if the dateline is being pushed further later...it's not a very good sign for us. Publishers are expecting something from us and our new game play idea & maybe the story...doesn't seemed to be able to pull it through. Sure maybe we could sell it and get a couple of 100Ks or million...but the rating of the game would not even reach as high as Other Mediocre games. I'm seriously worried man.

I still prefere our old game play idea which is simple 3rd person adventure game where u go around fighting bad guys and using alot of cool spells, rather than more puzzle solving games and less enemy to fight. It's superbly boring , and there's new characters added in which I'm not actually againts it...just that it's making the game play more complicating. To simplify things, we don't have a core game play according to one of my colleague.

This Friday me and my colleague has asked our boss to have a respond to the game idea meeting with the game designer and with some others who have comments about our game.I hope that he would take our suggestion and able to save this game in time. I do not want our studio to end up like in the article at Gamasutra.com.

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