Friday, July 11, 2008

Life at my studio... AGAIN.

Yes, I dunno why but I like to post up things as to how my work place is like. The place I'm working at has potential because I'm serrounded by very talented people which with their skills, we can do a better game. We have up to over 20 people now, when Yvonne comes in..she'll be 22. We all here are working our ass off to pull this game through, we want to finish our 1st game as soon as possible and quickly start off the next game. The next we'll do it better with proper game plans and work flow.
We'll do our best!

Yeah, the place still looks new...but atleast it's comfortable to work. The guys here are great to work with . Here are the recent pictures just taken this week.

Ever wonder why those bunch of people gathering around?

Because the pizza is here! We ordered Canadian pizza....not bad to say.

Dig in!!

Ta Daaaa~!!! We finish! all within ....10 - 15mins. >D

See....we even clean it up, we take care of our work place. Yes we do~


Miss C said...

Hey there Johnny, just had extra time during lunchtime so i thought of dropping by your blog. Your office seems so homely! With the Canadian pizza & all; i'm sure u lov your workplace, dont cha? All the best & make more great games!!! :DDDDD

johnny tai said...

Thanks for dropping by! =D is kinda homely, but it's missing several couches, big flat screen TVs and a pool table! hahaha.

Ur work looks cool too, Red fM is 98.8, right?

All the best to you too! ;)