Thursday, July 10, 2008

Smiles & laughter

Woah...forgot to post this up, better do it now before I forget.On Teusday me and few of the church friends meet up to have dinner together with P.simon and his family at our favourite usual spot...Restoran Sri Bidara. It's been awhile that we've not hang out with him. THis is the good time to cherish the memories ahaha. He's not in our church anymore, he is now a senior pastor in a church at Damansara. When he was at our church, he was our youth pastor for a very long time. He was the 1st pastor I've met and that was during his birthday party in 2004, and that's when I got to know the guys at church and be more active & serve God in that year.'s the pics~

P.Simon and his wife and kids at the end of the table.

Kevin just want to let u guys know that...he is not Anti social. Sam's face here looks funny >D

Sarah Wong & Ms.TIANG~

Angku cheering up Sam

They are such loving people.

YEah....I know, "what is she doing?"

Keng Guan with his Sony gadgets >D

Chris enjoying WWE on the tv and JOn chatting about music guitars.

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