Friday, July 18, 2008

Work style >)

Here I'm gonna share a little bit on how I normaly work in the office. Ofcourse I won't tell what I'm working on, just want to tell you an interesting way of how I normaly 'need' to work like. I need to multi task when I do my work. It's been like that since high school. During that time, I need to study while playing games or listen to a music or watch TV. It works pretty well during my college time , except for rushing work.

So in my office, I do the same. Yeah, how I do work is a little bit funny. I need to multitask at the same time...if not I'll feel sleepy.

So somtimes on my 22" Samsung LCD screen in my office I would normaly ofcourse open 3D max program to do my work, have an internet browser open to search & read blogs or comics, have a video player (realplayer, media player or VLC) to play my musics or downloaded movies and tv series (yeah..been watching alot of TV series and also have the MSN on to chat with friends =).

Oh, sometimes I play games while I'm doing my work...the game needs to be in window mode so that I could switch from playing games to working on my stuff. But lately I've not been doing that anymore....seriously, now is always after 6pm (work ends) then I play my game. Yes, 6pm is my end time at work...but I stay back till 6.45pm and catch the 7.03pm train. Why? Because the KTM train schedule before that time is always crowded with people. But Friday is the worst , the evening & early night schedule is crazy! They are always crowded! So damn crap wei.... the government never bother to improve the public transportation. Why? maybe they think it's a waste of money that they have confidence in the KTM people to fix it. This is so bloody crap.

Well, that's all... so, this is how I do things at work. Don't like it?, look at the pic below.

I don't care (this is not my office though, it's my apartment room)

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