Friday, July 18, 2008

Losing the Will..

I feel like crap this week...alot of good & exciting things happened this week but I dunno why as if I don't have the will or the spirit to be myself, the hyperactive weirdo is like gone.

Let's see... what have I done this week.

well, work the usual. On Monday I met up with my old friend since standard 5, Eddy Leow... along with his gf and his sister Veronica Leow. We had our dinner at Station 1 in ss15, had a really good chat...we were there from 8.45pm till 11.30pm.It's been a about almost 4 years, haha!. also... teusday night I watch WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment ). Yeah, I like wrestling, it's so interesting.

Oh, found Cia Ee's blog... had a chat with her also, it's been quite a long time too (Darn,I still owe her a Nuttella, but no worries!It's been so long that she doesn't want it anymore!!! >D) .

Been reading other people's blog while I'm working... fills the boredom .
Thursday nothing much.

Friday night went for cell...learn some lame ice breakers, learn a few interesting lessons.

And now I'm blogging....

Wow...very interesting week =_=

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