Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Removing what's left of my pain.

Today at the train station , I checked through my messages on how much space I have left. Then I realize.... I'm still keeping her messages. All those messages really brings back the painful good times, ....I don't need to remember the good times. It felt worthless to me now about all those events.Me coming back to her as a friend was but a motive?Cheated on the friendship?If I knew she was gonna think like that, I would have stayed invisible from her.

Thinking that I'm with her again who has changed , who has become stronger than before and more mature (maybe just the looks). But I was really wrong, not being able to see her properly. Most of it is because she's not very honest with me about Zen and maybe quite a little of other things.Zen, that little twirp boy...and she considered me as a close/great friend...haha, what a joke.Yeah, she coupled with a boy.Why? "Tiger and Dragon very ngam! Tiger & tiger will clash!" I'm not a tiger and she doesn't know that,such close friendship we have.But in a way, she sticks with that guy because of that mumbo jumbo bullshit belief. Maybe in the next 10 years when I'm already married , she's still dating younger guys... maybe, can never one could be a little rat.

She changed big time in that,from older guys to now younger guys and her personality has not changed one bit and she is too blur to realize what is it that she's not changed. And she doesn't take some things seriously.Now I wonder why Joey now is not that close to her anymore, now I know as I'm like her at the moment.

She is still the same as how I left her last time.... but dun worry, it'll be my last time seeing her.

I know it may sound very cold , but this is really from me... she's not worth my time now, even as a friend... she's just ordinary. Only honest friends who I'm really close with are in my great friends list.

I deleted all those messages of her, but only kept some to remind me not to make the same mistake again. Good riddens...

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